Jamie McClelland and Tabias McIlvenna met while swinging hammers on the 26th story of a high-rise construction project in 2006 and immediately hit it off, each respecting the other's incredible work ethic. While it wasn't long before they went separate ways to bigger and better things, they continued to stay in contact through the years, each benefiting from the others varied knowledge and expertise in the construction management, supervision and project delivery fields. Eventually, they concluded that together, they could utilize these skills more effectively as a team than as individuals. The birth of BritCan Management soon followed.


Jamie McClelland

Partner & Managing Director

With his roots in construction, Jamie spent his school holidays working on site. After gaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, he relocated to Vancouver from the UK. For the past 12 years, he has focused his managerial and business development skills in the formwork and civil industries. Jamie's responsibilities include creating and maintaining relationships with Developers and GCs, tendering projects and negotiating contracts. His primary goal is to ensure our clients receive both quality service and a quality product at every stage of their projects. Jamie prides himself on continuously managing successful construction projects, completing them on time and on budget.


Tobias McIlvenna

Partner & Operations Manager

Tabias considers himself fortunate to have been trained throughout his career in the formwork industry by some of the leading formwork company owners in Western Canada. By maintaining these relationships and through his dedicated, steadfast commitment to following through with any undertaking in front of him, Tabias has risen through the ranks to his current position as a partner and managing director of BritCan Management. "Our strength is in our team, pre-planning, diversity and follow through."


Brandon Roddick


Brandon's leadership style allows him to get the absolute most out of all those around him. Always the first man in and the last man out, Brandon's dedication to the job is undeniable. His ability to pre-plan and support the overall success of the projects he's involved in has made him a requested favourite among clients. His positive energy combined with his extensive experience in the formwork industry makes every project he works on a winner.


Josh Macalalad


Josh is an incredibly organized and hardworking leader. He is meticulous in his pre-planning and combines this important skill with an ability to think quickly on his feet. His track record of meeting and exceeding project deadlines while providing a quality product has instilled well-earned confidence in our clients. They know that if Josh is involved, the project will run smoothly.


Harry Roskam

Layout Specialist & Supervisor

Harry brings a wealth of experience and expertise to BritCan Management that could only be achieved through years of framing, forming and layout work. Harry's ability to accelerate project schedules while maintaining a steadfast commitment to finished product quality, makes him the perfect fit for our clients' most demanding projects.


Joe Charbonneau

Detailer/Layout Foreman

Joe's attention to detail is second to none. He takes pride in identifying and eliminating potential problems well before they arise to streamline the formwork scope and the entire construction process. The synergy Joe creates with clients is an integral component of our overall project success. From job pre-planning to capping the elevator, Joe makes sure that every piece of the puzzle fits together perfectly. He provides exceptional leadership to our layout staff, adapting a perfect mix of hands-on and technical support to ensure his team's continued growth and success.


Matt Hamilton


Matt's from-the-ground-up ability to provide information fundamental to our on-site field staff makes him a highly valued member of the BritCan team. He works closely with our foremen, ensuring that all their layout needs and pre-planning requirements are streamlined to ensure a hair-straight-back approach to the formwork scope.


Kalan Bird


Kalan's no-nonsense approach to the layout process makes him a vital member of the BritCan team. His tireless work ethic, total project devotion and strong layout skills have earned him the respect of co-workers and clients alike. Kalan works closely with our foremen to make every project we work on an unqualified success.


Sean DeWolf

Occupational Health & Safety Manager

Sean's training as a paramedic along with his CSO training and his OHSE degree from the University of Fredericton make him the perfect fit as our safety manager. Along with continually adapting and upgrading our Safety Management Program, Sean works closely with our field staff and our clients in maintaining overall job site safety and compliance.


Norman Young

Estimator & Project Manager

Norman Young's expansive construction experience spans over 4 decades. He cut his teeth in BC, Alberta and Ontario working on construction sites for his first 20 years in the business as a formwork carpenter, then as a layout/surveyor before moving on to management as a site superintendent. He then followed that up with a successful 20-year turn as a lead estimator and manager for large and small formwork projects throughout British Columbia. The broad scope of Norman's experience is an invaluable asset to the entire BritCan team and especially to our customers.


Grace Lu


Grace is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Grace brings her expertise in finance and accounting that she gained from leading companies throughout Canada. Previously, Grace was an integral member of the fund accounting department at Trez Capital, one of Canada's largest non-bank commercial mortgage lenders where she was responsible for the financial reporting process for a wide range of Canadian and American investment funds. Prior to moving to Vancouver, Grace worked in Toronto as a Senior Financial Analyst at Munich RE, Canada's leading reinsurance company where she utilized her financial analysis skills on large challenging client profiles. Grace was a Regional Controller in Alberta for Paragon Gaming where she was responsible for financial reporting and operations management.